Furniture and architecture don't need to spoil. 


We are proud of hosting a truly maliable, custom tailored experience. We build custom commissioned and non-commissioned one of a kind furniture, built-in furniture, and custom cabinets: all made for many lifetimes. We are ethical and discerning makers and aim to build business relationships with clientele who care for exceptional craftsmanship using local/domestic sourced materials. Our lumber is often sourced and selected years before use from wind-felled trees or trees at the end of life. We work to create pieces that are timeless and with intention. Any piece we've designed can be elaborated upon and altered. Species preference can be discussed. We are available to build your design, or we could collaborate. Anyway it goes you get exactly what you want. Furniture can be timeless, not just long-lasting. In this way, a built-in, or a kitchen, or some real furniture can make a home feel more livable and more worthy of preservation. We're pleased to help with solving your project needs.